How rare is copycat in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can get it in common, From one of the starter decks I think.

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Q: How rare is copycat in Yu-Gi-Oh?
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How can you now if there is a rare card in a yugioh card pack?

by bending it or slightly peeking inside

Are there any shops that sell Yu-Gi-Oh cards in India?

Hey, i am a big yugioh fan too. I have searched every shop in my area. There are NO yugioh cards in india or they are very rare. They were available when yugioh aired on Hungama TV but now they are not available.

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You may find it as a super rare in Crimson Crisis.

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it is not very rare, but I heard it is sold for 2 bucks

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Here is a list of a couple very rare Yugioh cards. Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Relinquished, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Kaiser Sea Horse, and Black Luster Soldier. That is a few examples from a very long list of rare Yugioh cards.

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What do you do after you talk to the copycat...

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Look on youtube. Half/most of the yugioh card videos feature people selling decks. A lot of them all rares.

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The one from the tin? A few £, maybe.

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