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go to the ciro shop, and play gem hunt. when you find all of the gems that go on the crown, go to gem colection at the cirio shop and click on the crown at the top of the screen. I suggest you keep it, or trade it online, as it is worth a lot more to trade on a (trusted) trading site such as Webkinz Insider. It is only worth 1000 kc, but on WI it is priceless.


It isn't price less on WI but i don't recommend selling it. Some people out there love crown of wonder's so I suggest keeping it to trade, not sell. you can earn kinz cash kinda easy, but you can't with crowns of wonder.

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Q: On Webkinz what happens when you trade for the Webkinz crown of wonder?
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What happens when you get the Webkinz crown of wonder?

You can trade,sell,mail,or wear it (you shouldn't sell it PLEASE!) please comment my answer on my page. Thank You.

How do you get the Crown of Wonder on Webkinz?

You have to get all them gems at the curio shop and then trade for the legendary crown of wonder.

What do you do with your webkinz?

You can trade in one of each of the 30 gems for a crown of wonder. Just click on the large crown at the top of your collection and Arte will give you a crown. Any gems that you have multiples of will stay in your collection. You can save for another crown.

What is the first Webkinz?

The first webkinz is the pig. If anyone wants to trade i have a wooden trophy pedestrial, royal cat chair, country side stone jeans, crown of wonder, bull bullentinz, country stone pond and out of this world buncanner. If you want to trade just email me at and i will reply to you. Also check my news area if you scroll down the page. i have one contest: if you give me loads of exclusives and rares and also super beds i will give you back a virtual webkinz pet and plush through kinzpost. if you are in the contest also just email me. cya!

How do you get the 3D glasses in Webkinz?

You can purchase 3D glasses in the Webkinz WShop using KinzCash. They are sometimes available as part of the special promotions or events in the game as well.

Who will trade for charm tiara in webkinz?

jessielh on webkinz add her

Can you trade a Webkinz online?


Who on Webkinz will trade me the purple Webkinz which hat and 2 wacky jeans for the Webkinz jingle elf hat?

i wont.

How do you get all the exclusive items in webkinz world?

Trade, Get lots of webkinz, Get lots of tokens.

How do you be really good on Webkinz?

well what you do is buy more webkinz and trade in the clubhouse you can get really awesome stuff!

Who will trade me shuts for torn spins and signature psi on webkinz?

There is no item called "shuts" on Webkinz World.

How do you trade on webkinz world?

Clubhouse, trading room