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well you can get 1 in route 218 from a fisher man

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Q: On Pokemon platinum where do you get a fishing rod?
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In Pokemon Platinum where do you get a fishing rod?

it was in route 218 in platinum,diamond and pearl ask the second dude behind the trees

What fishing rod do you use to get a feebas on Pokemon platinum?

you would use a good rod, but its hard to get feebas its location changes in Mt. Coronet

How do you get a fishing pole in Pokemon platinum?

you go to the docks near jubilife city go back into the house talk to the fishermen he will give you a fishing rod

Where do you get super rod in Pokemon Platinum?

talk to the fishing guy in front of the place to the survival area after getting the national pokedex

How do you get the fishing rod on Pokemon platinum?

Old Rod: fisherman in the connection tunnel between jubilife city and route 218 Good Rod: fisherman on route 209 Super Rod: fisherman in the fight area

How do you get a fishing rod on pokemon?

you ask a fishing man

Where do you get a fishing rod on Pokemon Diamond?

You talk to fishermen and one gives you a fishing rod.

Where is the fishing rod in Pokemon Black and White?

You get the fishing rod at your home after the elite four.

How do you find finneon in pokemon platinum?

Fishing with a Good Rod in these places:Route 205Route 218Route 219Route 220Fuego IronworksIron IslandCanalave CityValley WindworksNeonGreen16

How do you get the fishing rod in Pokemon Silver?

one of the fisherman on route 32 will give you a fishing rod.

What Pokemon is in the water in route 230 in platinum?

by surfing you can get sealio,pelipper and tenticruel and by fishing with the old rod you can get magikarp, good rod u can get, magikarp and remoraid and with the super rod you can get gyarados, wailmer, octillery and wailord

Where do you catch octollery in Pokemon Platinum?

Pastoria City, Sunyshore City, Pokemon League, Route 212, Route 213, Route 222, all by fishing with the Super Rod.