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near this house in the snow down from snowpoint

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Q: On Pokemon diamond were do you get the strength?
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Get strength in Pokemon Diamond?

iron island

Where do get strength in Pokemon Diamond?

top of the tower in solocean

How do you break the rocks in the cave on Pokemon diamond?

get the HM strength, and teach it to a Pokemon

What is the hm in the lost tower in Pokemon diamond?

I think it is strength

How do you make a Pokemon push a boulder in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to get strength, and teach it to your pokemon. It is so easy a caveman can do it.

What town is the tower where you get strength in Pokemon Diamond for DS?

Solaceon town is the where the tower is located in which the player can find the strength HM. This town is located off of route 209 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Where do you get TM strength in Pokemon diamond?

top floor on the lost tower

Where do you get the move to move boulders in Pokemon diamond?

you mest get the hm strength.

Where do you get acsess to use strength on Pokemon Diamond?

You need the cobble badge.

How do you get your Pokemon to learn strength in Pokemon diamond the game?

First you find the HM in the lost tower next to the hollow tower. then you get the badge from canlave city and your Pokemon can use strength

Which HM allows boulders to moved in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The HM strength

Where do you findthe HM strength in Pokemon diamond?

go to this one place and you find it