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In Pokémon Platinum, according to its regional Dex, number 168 is Umbreon, a Collector named Dean has one in his party in Route 212 but Dean is on the south side of the Route. Number 169 is Leafeon, a Pokémon Ranger named Allison has one in her party, she can also be found on the south side of Route 212. Number 170 is Glaceon, a Skier named Lexie has one in her party, Lexie can be found in Route 217. Additionally you can talk to Bebe in Hearthome City, she's in the house that is next to the Pokémon Center, after talking with her, she will give you an Eevee which can evolve into one of Umbreon, Leafeon or Glaceon.

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Q: On Pokemon Platinum where do you find number 168 169 and 170?
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What pokemon is number 168 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

it is crobat

What is number 168 in Pokemon Platinum?

That would be Umbreon if you're looking for 168 in the Sinnoh Dex. The trainer who has it in their possession is on the south part of Route 212 - his name is Collector Dean. or you could just grab the Eevee from Bebe in Hearthome City and train it and then level it up at night until it evolves into Umbreon. where abouts

Where can you get the following Pokemon in platinum pokedex numbers 51 52 53 64 71 80 96 115 135 137 138 146 148 151 152 156 159 168 169 170 187 190 195 197?

51 52 and 53, in the Eterna forest. 64 unknown area. 71 you most get someone to trade you a haunter at the end of the trade it will evolve into number 71. In mt.corenate, on the celestic town side, you will have to find the first water place, use surf go straight, as soon as you reach the end turn left and use a good rod until you get barboach. 96 i cannot help with. go to iron island find riley help him beat two galactic grunts, make sure you have room in your party and if you defeat the grunts he will give you an egg with Pokemon 115 inside it. go to sangem beach use surf go a little away from the pal park in the water and fish until you get a lumineon. find a tenticool and evolv it. same place as barboach. one of the under water caverns on lake aquity or the other two one of them. same as 46. 151 I con not help you with. find a tv in the house in the eterna forest and talk to it press yes when it says do you want to thump it. I cannot help you with 156 or 159. evolve an eevee at night anywhere for 168. there is a rock that looks green in eterna forest and evolve an eevee there for 169. Cannot help with 170 or 187 or 190. on the route to celestic town you will find 195. cannot help you with 197.

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In Pokemon platinum what is the name of the Pokemon in position 168?

It is Umbereon and a trainer has it somewhere in Rt.212

What pokemon is number 168 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

it is crobat

Who is Pokemon number 168 in Pokemon sapphire?

It's Heracross. You can catch it in the Safari Zone.

Where to find Pokémon 168 in Pokémon Platinum?

you will get UMBREON by getting eevee to level up with high friendship

Where to see Pokemon 168 in Pokemon Platinum?

169 is Leafeon, it cannot be caught in the wild in Platinum however its pre-evolved form of Eevee can be gotten by talking to Bebe in Hearthome City then you can take it to the Moss Rock in Eterna Forest and evolve it into Leafeon there.

How do you see Pokemon 168 in Pokemon Platinum?

Fight trainers, some you need to transfer from other games such as, Pokemon emerald, Pokemon Leafgreen and more. The battle tower is a good place to see transfered pokemon. You have to travel all around to see all the pokemon. It takes time

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Help finding trainers with Pokemon numbers 53 64 71 80 93 96 103 122 131 133 138 156 159 162 164 168 174 192 and 195 in Pokemon platinum?

go on Google search and type in how to see certain Pokemon on Pokemon platinum to complete pokedex and click on the one that includes seribi .net in the address the address is in green

Who's Pokemon in no. 168?