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The supermarket is on the phone in your house. Go to your house and click A on the black phone it will come up with a list of things and supermarket is there, click on it and then you can choose what you want to buy but don't do it before 10AM because they won't be ready.
The Supermarket is in Mineral Town. Your character lives in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

There is no way for you to go to Mineral Town. But there is a phone in your house. Use that to call her store and order the items you want.

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Q: On Harvest Moon D.S. where is the Supermarket?
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You buy them from the supermarket on the telephone

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You can buy it at the Supermarket.

Where can you get riceballs on harvest moon ds?

Supermarket On the phone Sooooooooooooo easy!!!!

Where is the supermarkert on harvest moon ds?

There is no supermarket you have to use the phone in your house to call the supermarket in mineral town

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Buy at least one thing from the supermarket for 10 days

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Sadly you will have to buy another one from the supermarket.

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