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You have to look for it with the radar, it will be a red dot, not a white one.

Greenhorn plains is not so big, you will find it easely.


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Q: On Fossil Fighters DSwhere is the greenhorn plains idol fragment?
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In fossil fighters How do you get the spinax body in fossil fighters?

greenhorn plains. you just gotta look everywhere.

Where are Spinx's arms on fossil fighters?

Greenhorn Plains, of course.

Where is the carno in fossil fighters?

Find him at the pay-to-dig site in the Greenhorn plains

Where is blambleu in fossil fighters?

go to greenhorn plains, on the left second sand pit

Where do you find Carchar in fossil fighters?

you can find carchar in greenhorn plains in the pay to dig site

Fossil fighters were is chieftain?

In the greenhorn plains he's the chief of the tribe that lives there ;) hope it helps :)

How do you get tarbo in fossil fighters?

you get him in goldfeet glacier which is after you beat the game, or if you are really lucky you can get him in greenhorn plains.

Where is the fourth idol fragment in fossil fighters?

It is in Mount Lavaflow

Where is the sandal fossil in fossil fighters?

You can get the Sandal Fossil in Greenhorn Plains. It is in the up-left corner , Where Medal -Dealer Joe conned you in to thinking valuable fossils were there.

Where is venators legs in fossil fighters?

Where are venator legs in fossil fightAt kentwood Forest. How do you get fossil fighter spinax legs? Dig them up at Greenhorn plains.

Where are the siamo in fossil fighters?

DA siamo is found in lavaflow greenhorn (xtreamly rare) and also the rivit ravine

Where do you find spinax body fossils in fossil fighters?

You get him at greenhorn plains.(If wanting all body parts,you must buy fossil chips at the store.)