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you get him in goldfeet glacier which is after you beat the game, or if you are really lucky you can get him in greenhorn plains.

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Q: How do you get tarbo in fossil fighters?
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In Fossil Fighters What Element is tarbo?


How do you get tarbo from fossil fighters champions?

You can get Tarbo from Fossil Fighters Champions by visiting the Treasure Lake many times until Tarbo shows up. You can also use the older DS in order to get Tarbo at Cold Feet Glacier.

Where do you find tarbo in fossil fighters?

At Coldfeet Glacier

What is the number 5 vivasaure in fossil fighters?

It is vivosaur not vivasaure but it is Tarbo.

Were do you get a tarbo in fossil fighters champions?

hes at treasure lake but extremely rare i myself have not found him althogh i know for a fact hes there

How do you unlock ancient ruin in fossil fighters?

get a t-rex and tarbo to level 12 battle rosie then show dr diggins

How do you get ancient ruins on fossil fighters?

You need to beet Rosie with tarbo max rank and t rex maximum rank then talk to dr.diggins

In fossil fighters What does a tarbo fossil look like?

you have to go to cold feet glaicer(or green horn plains(may not be there sometimes))and you talk to onnga oonga oonga.then if u want to get tarbo head tap yes(she has to say:Tarbo Head easy)and ull et the esaist way!

On fossil fighters how do you get to ancient ruins i have tarbo and t-rex all level 12 with other dino suar and beat rosie but all dr diggings says feel like a battle?

You have to have all bones to Tarbo and TRex. I know, I was very dissapointed when I realized that. Sources: I have done the same thing

How do you get ancient ruins in fossil fighters?

Get Tarbo (Coldfeet Glacier) at rank 12, and T-rex (Parchment desert) at rank 12. Go battle Rosie with them then talk to Dr. Diggens, hope that helps ^^

Can you transfer your dinosaurs from Fossil Fighters to Fossil Fighters Champions?

No but you can send fossils from fossil fighters to fossil fighters champions.

How do you get to the ruins in fossil fighters?

To gain access to the ancient ruins you must beat Rosie with a level 12 Tarbo and a level 12 Tyrannosaurus on your team. Then you must speak to Dr. Diggins and he will give you access to the ancient ruins.