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Basically, the error code has to do with the WEP key for your wireless router. Click on the link in the related links below, or go to and enter the error code on the left.

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Q: Nintendo DS cannot connect to the internet code 051310-1?
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Is the Wii Mini internet capable?

No, the Nintendo Wii Mini cannot connect to the internet

Does it cost for your Nintendo DSi to connect internet to it?

No it doesnt , If you have WIFI it is free but if you have a dongle USB you cannot connect at all.

Can you put internet on Nintendo Wii U using a SIM card?

No, you cannot. You can use your wireless internet network to connect the Wii U to the internet.

I cannot connect to the internet even with Wi Fi?

I cannot connect to the internet even with Wi Fi...what to do ?

Can you connect a PSP to a Wii?

No, the Sony PSP cannot connect with the Nintendo Wii

Does Game Boy have a Nintendo wi-fi connection?

No game boys do not have wi-fi. you need a cord to plug in it.

How do you connect the DS to the Mii channel?

You cannot connect the Nintendo DS to the Mii channel

Which PlayStation cannot connect with computer?

The PlayStation 1 cannot connect to the Internet/Computer.

Can you go on the internet with a Nintendo DSi?

Yes and No. No, you cannot surf the web as you would with a normal web browser, and Yes, it will connect to the internet with Wi-Fi capable games.

Can you connect to internet with gameboy advance?

No you cannot

Can you get Nintendo events for Emulators?

No, you cannot get Nintendo events for emulators. The emulators do not have the feature to connect by link or by Wi-Fi.

How can you get internet for the Nintendo DS?

You can get it in one of two ways. You can either get a Nintendo Wireless adaptor, which only works for the DSIand Wii, OR you can buy a wireless router for ANYTHING that can use the internet. THEN you go onto settings, go to the internet option (some games do this on the startup menu) and search for your chosen wireless adaptor. Then you do the fiddly bits (it changes for each type), then you can connect to the internet! You cannot get it on a regular Nintendo Ds!!!(well you can try)