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No you cannot

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Q: Can you use a Nintendo Wii through a laptop?
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Can you use Nintendo Wii games in a laptop?


Can you play PC games on the wii?

No, you cannot play PC games on the Nintendo Wii. Only Nintendo Wii games can be played on the Wii console and PC games are only designed for use on a PC or laptop.

What is Nintendo Wii use for?

The Nintendo Wii's use is for entertainment. It is a game console.

Can you use Skype on Nintendo Wii U?

No, you cannot use Skype on the Nintendo Wii U

Can you use Guitar Hero on Nintendo and wii?

yes you can but you have to buy it on wii or Nintendo

Can you use Nintendo Wii games in Xbox 360?

can you use Nintendo Wii games in Xbox 360

Can you use Wii games on a Wii U system?

Yes, the Nintendo Wii U can play Nintendo Wii games

Why was Nintendo Wii invented?

The Nintendo Wii was developed for use as an entertainment/gaming console.

Can you use xbox360 controlers in the Wii?

No but you can use Nintendo controllers in Wii

Can you use Skype on the Nintendo Wii?

no, you cannot use skype on the wii

Can you use the Wii remote for Nintendo 64?

no, but you can use gamecube controllers on the wii.

Will my will play my old supernintendo games?

Unfortunately, the Wii will not play Super Nintendo cartridge games. However, through Nintendo's Virtual Console download service, it is possible to purchase a limited number of Super Nintendo games for download and use on the Nintendo Wii.