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Gliscor, Staraptor, Buezel, Grotle, and... Pikachu

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2009-11-21 17:25:48
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Q: Name the Pokemon caught by ash dimond and pearl?
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Is Pokemon oval real?

Pokemon oval, i think its fake but it might be the fake name of Pokemon platinimun if you are worndering what it is its a glitch free vertion of Pokemon pearl and dimond its real name is Pokemon platinmun and yes its real

What is the birth name of Jack Dimond?

Jack Dimond's birth name is Jack Harry Dimond.

What is the birth name of Tony Dimond?

Tony Dimond's birth name is Anthony Paul Dimond.

Where is the name rater in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pearl, the name rater is in Enterna City.

How do you get a haunter on Pokemon pearl?

Evolve a Gastly by leveling it up. They can be caught in Solaceon Town's South Tower (Forgot name lol) OR places at night.

Is there chansys in pearl?

Yes, and No. You Can find the Pokemon Chansey, But there are no Pokemon by the name of Chansy capturable on Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum versions.

What is the the name of the next Pokemon show?

After Pokemon Diamond and Pearl there will be Pokemon Battle Dimension.

How do you re-name a Pokemon in pearl?

you re-name your Pokemon in Pokemon pearl by going to eterna and going the the building right above the 2nd gym. you talk to the old guy. he is called the name rater.

Do Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have the same region names?

Yes, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl's region name is Sinnoh Region.

Where is the name renamer in Pokemon Pearl?

eterna city

Where is the man in Pokemon pearl that lets you change any Pokemon name?

in etrna

What is the name of driftloom when he is not evalved Pokemon pearl?

Drifloon is the name when it is not evolved.

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