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The edge of the pavement near the road is called the "curb" in the US and the "kerb" in the UK.

They are spelled differently but they are pronounced the same.

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Q: Name of the edge of the pavement near the road?
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What do you call edge of pavement?

The edge of pavement is often referred to as the shoulder of the road. This area typically runs along the side of the pavement and provides a buffer between the road surface and surrounding terrain.

If you see red reflectors facing you in a pavement edge line this means you are?

on the wrong side of the road

When was A Lane near Arles - Landscape with Edge of a Road - created?

A Lane near Arles - Landscape with Edge of a Road - was created in 1888.

What is that the reason for bumpy pavement at the edge of the crossing?

It is used to aid Blind people so they can feel when they are approaching a road crossing and when to take extra precaution

What is the point of view for the pedestrian?

In the UK we call the US sidewalk the 'pavement' and what the US calls the pavement (the paved area) is called the 'road' in the UK. However in both cultures I believe the edge of the pavement is called the curb. This may be just an end of the paved area or may be demarcated by a set of curb stones which raise the sidewalk above the height of the road surface.

What does a pavement end signs mean?

The road surface ahead changes from a hard-surfaced pavement to a low-type surface or earth road.

If you have allowed the wheels of your vehicle to run off the edge of the pavement. You should?

Take your foot off the accelerator, and slowly move back on the road. Do not jerk the wheel or apply the brakes.

Could Torterra learn stone edge?

Yes, by using TM71 stone edge. You can find it in victory road near the north part.

Can I lead my shetland pony on a pavement If not can I lead her on the road or do i need to stand on pavement and her on road I live in the UK?

You can walk your horse on the pavement, it will not hurt it. Even if your horse does not wear shoes they can be safely walked on pavement. Just be careful that the horse does not slip if the pavement is wet or slippery and its not a good idea to trot or canter on pavement for very long of a distance.

What is road upgrading?

to put new pavement

Why it is smoother to ride a bicycle on a paved road than on a dirt road?

Because pavement is smoother.

What is a pavement princess?

It is a pimped out 4X4 vehicle that is all about vanity and appearance. It will never leave the pavement. It is owned by an off-road poseur.