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are you kidding me my turtwig is level 29 now im still in the grass near twinleaf town it still not evolving i don't press the b button during poke battle's and it's not holding anything. -(from the person who asked this question)

there is obviosly a glitch in ur game

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Q: My turtwig is at level 20 and its still not evolving why is that and i never cancel any of my Pokemon's evolution?
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How can you get Grovyle back?

If you mean from evolution, there is no way if it is already a sceptile. If it is evolving, press B while it is. This is the evolution cancel tecnique.

Is it possible to un evolve roserade in Pokemon diamond?

You can't devolve a pokemon. You can cancel their evolution by pressing the B button while it's evolving but that's it.

Why didn't your bidoof evolve at level 15?

the only reason your bidoof wouldn't evolve is because you pressed 'b' when it was evolving. this means that you just did a evolution cancel.

What happens when you cancel evolution?

If you cancel an evolution, your Pokemon will not be evolved. ( press B button when the Pokemon evolve )

How do you evolve torchic if you cancelled its evolve at first?

All you have to do in order for Torchic to evolve provided you canceled its evolution is to level it up again. Every time you cancel Torchi's evolution after it's capable of evolving at Level 16, it'll keep on evolving at every level-up until it hits Level 100 which is when no level-up evolutions are possible.

Why did they cancel x-men evolution?

they didn't cancel it it is on Disney XD

Why did they cancel x men evolution?

wasn't canceled. came to an end.

Me and my lil bro have firered and leafgreen and have a bunch of Pokemon that we want the way they are so how do you use the Pokemon Evolution Cancel Technique that some girl by viridian talks about?

While the Pokemon is evolving, press the B button. It'll startle the Pokemon out of evolution. I just press A,B,Start and Select. Press B Button While Evolution and will Startle PokeMon out of evloving If you can can you awser my question in Ruby pokemon flewygirl

When does trecko evolve?

Trecko evolves at lvl 16 into Grovyle. Grovyle evolves into Sceptile at lvl 36. You cancel the evolving process any time by pressing B.

Does using a rare candy cancel evolution for Pokemon?

no because it levels the Pokemon up. only if you need a stone to evolve.

When does Magikarp evolve when past lvl 20?

If you pressed the B button during evolution, it will cancel the evolution and will evolve again after your Pokemon levels up again, it evolves AT level 20. It evolves into Gyarados.

Pokemon emerald what Pokemon evolve with everstone?

The everstone is not used to evolve any Pokemon. It is used to not evolve them. Say you have Pokemon XXX that evolves at level ##, but you want to keep it from evolving until it gets this awesome move YYY that it would get at level ##+10 and is unavailable after it evolves. You would have Pokemon XXX hold the everstone so that when it levels up at its evolution level, it won't even go the evolution screen and you don't have to worry about accidentally letting it level up when you don't want it to. It's not necessary, as you can cancel the evolution process at anytime before it completes by pressing B, but makes it easier.