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If you pressed the B button during evolution, it will cancel the evolution and will evolve again after your Pokemon levels up again, it evolves AT level 20. It evolves into Gyarados.

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Q: When does Magikarp evolve when past lvl 20?
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What lvl does Magikarp evolve at?

Lvl. 20

What level does a shiny magikarp evolve?

same lvl as a normal magikarp 20 and the shiny magikarp evolves into a red gyrados

When does the Pokemon Magikarp evolve?

it evolves at lvl 20

How do you evolve magicarp Pokemon soul silver?

magikarp will evolve at lvl 20 to a gyarados

Why wont my level 20 Magikarp evolve?

need to get it to a lvl 26

What level does Magikarp evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokémon Ruby, Magikarp will evolve into Gyarados at Level 20.

How do you get a red Gyarados?

u need to get a golden magikarp and evolve it at lvl 20

What level does Magikarp evolve at in Pokemon Pearl game?

it evolves at lvl 20

When do Gyarados level evolves in soul silver?

Gyarados do not evolve. Magikarp evolve into Gyarados at lvl. 20

What level does Magikarp evolve on sapphire?

like every game it levels at lvl 20

When does Magikarp evolve on Pokemon emerald?

At Lvl 22 I think.EditActually, it's level 20.

What level does maikarp evolve in soulsilver?

A magikarp evolves at lvl 20.Just for future reference, it doesnt matter which virsion the Pokemon is in, it always evolve at the same lvl.