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You could specifically ask your cousins or friends or someone to get them for you and wait.

Or you could try and convince your parents.

Seriously I have done this before!

Just beg them or something and repeatedly tell them its your own money and you should be allowed to spend it on something you like because you enjoy playing Pokemon and it makes you happy and they should be encouraging you to be happy and understand that it is an enjoyable thing for you!

Try to sound really smart and know what you are talking about.

Make a sacrifice.e.g "Mum if you let me buy this game I will dot he dishes for a week!"

Hope I could help!

That won't work but you can try but here is the thing parents likes kids getting good grades and like you getting a good education. They just want to see you like school and getting good grades why don't you give them that and they might buy the game for you if that don't work probably their just too cheap or don't want you to play games for your own good but try this advice anyway

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Q: My parents hate Pokemon but I love it They don't let me buy any of the games even with my own money I have to wait until my birthday for my cousins to get the games for me What can I do?
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