My Pokemon will not eat pokeblocks?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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This happens. If you gave your pokemon alot of pokeblocks, it will not eat anymore. Which means; It's done forever. You will never be able to give your pokemon a pokeblock.

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Q: My Pokemon will not eat pokeblocks?
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How many pokeblocks can a Pokemon eat?

It depends. See the "Feel" stat of the pokemblock? The higher that is, the less the Pokemon will be able to eat.

Why is your pokemon not eating anymore pokeblocks?

Pokemon can only have a set number of pokeblocks. Once they have eaten that set number, they will never be able to eat any more. The only way that you can get your pokemon all the way to the highest amount of a skill is to make really good pokeblocks.

Why cant I feed My Pokemon a poke-block in sapphire?

There is a limit to how many PokeBlocks a certain Pokemon can eat before you can't give it any more, so use PokeBlocks wisely.

How can you get pokeblocks in Pokemon HeartGold?

There are no PokeBlocks in HG/SS.

What do you do when Pokemon say that they won't eat anymore pokeblocks?

Train the Pokemon you may not know it but it helps the Pokemon win contests if the Pokemon likes you.

What pokeblocks does wobbuffet like in Pokemon ruby?

Depends on it's nature allthough usually it likes blue pokeblocks or pokeblocks with dry qualities.

What does piplup eat?


Your Pokemon wont eat pokeblocks emerald?

It doesn't like the kind you are trying to feed it, or it is full, or your game had a glitch, or your lying about this.

How do you get max beauty on ruby Pokemon?

U feed pokeblocks that max out beauty like blue pokeblocks

How can you get feebas to eat again after 12 pokelocks in Pokemon ruby?

you cant after that many pokeblocks level him up and that will evole him D i have the game

Where do you make pokeblocks in Pokemon Sapphire?

contest hall

Pokemon emerald how do you check what pokeblocks your Pokemon like?

look at profile To find out what type of PokeBlocks your Pokemon likes, go to Mossdeep City. Then go to the house directly behind the PokeCenter. Talk to the man in the house and he will tell you what types of PokeBlocks your lead Pokemon likes. To find out what another Pokemon likes, switch it with your lead one and then talk to him.