Money cheats for sims life stories?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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- familyfunds [family last name] [amount of money, do not put commas]


familyfunds mattews 9000000

how can u get the money XD

motherlode - for 50,000 (yes, that is how you spell it)

kaching - for 1,000

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Q: Money cheats for sims life stories?
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Most of the Cheats for sims life stories won't work for me?

That is because they are for the Sims 2. <3 MrganjMoore

What is the sims life stories?

The Sims Life Stories is yet another Sims computer game. You have to fulfill their Life Stories this time!

Do you need The Sims Life Stories to install The Sims Stories?

Yes you must get the sims life stories game to install it

Can you have a horse on sims life stories?

you can't have pets in sims life stories

Where can you play Sims Life Stories?

Sims life stories is designed for laptops.

How can you get money for free on The Sims Life Stories?

Type in motherlode in the cheat box :)

Is the Sims life stories on ps2?

The Sims life Stories is for PC and Mac and not PS2.

Is The Sims pet stories The Sims 2?

Basically, yes. NOTE: You can use normal cheats on the Sims Pet Stories, however not in story mode itself.

When was The Sims Life Stories created?

The Sims Life Stories was created on 2007-02-06.

Does the boolprop cheat work in sims 2 pet stories?

Unfortunately not :( However, both money cheats work i.e. kaching and motherlode.

When did The Sims Pet Stories happen?

The Sims Life Stories happened in 2007.

Is there a cheat for sims life stories for teen pregnancy?

In sims life stories there is no cheat for teen pregnancy.