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0206F04C 023C0B91

1206F050 00004700

E23C0B90 00000018

61384803 82B84801



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Q: Max EV AR Codes for HeartGold US version?
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Are there any Action Replay Max codes for Final Fantasy XII on the PS2 Version?

Yes there is, just Google search "ar max codes for final fantasy 12"

Are there ar codes for Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?

google: ar codes heart gold neoseeker.. ull find some there

Are there any lv 100 ar codes for Pokemon heartgold?

yes there is:-)

Where can you get armax pal ps2 codes for the legend of spyro the eternal night?

I'm afraid that there are currently no AR Max codes for the Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. Only for the DS version, sorry.

How do you get unlimted rare candy in soul silver?

Things needed: Pokemon: Diamond Version or Pearl Pokemon: Heartgold or Soulsilver AR Cheat Master ( made by Cheat Master Inc. ) Things to do: Look up on Google AR codes for ultimate rare candies for Pokemon: Diamond Version or Pearl GET POKEMON YOU DONT WANT ON POKEMON: DIAMOND VERSION Let as many rare candies as you want be held by those unwanted Pokemon. GET UNWANTED POKEMON ON POKEMON: HEARTGOLD/SOULSILVER (AS MANY AS ON DIAMOND) Then trade all the Pokemon (The unwanted ones from Diamond and Heartgold/Soulsilver) and the ones who are now on Pokemon: Heartgold/Soulsiver, take of the rare candies and you have all of them! Tips: (Only one sorry :O) ) Works better on diamond to get Pokemon you don't want if you get Modifier Code (Don't know this one either) and use the modifier. Sites to find needed AR codes: and

What are some AR Codes for English Heartgold and Soulsilver?

There are none yet, as it is still a new game. Wait for a few weeks and some codes will start to emerge.

How do you use ar on Pokemon HeartGold?

AR is used the same on Heartgold as it is with any other game, you put AR in, then it will ask you to put in Heartgold. Follow Instructions xD.

How can I get Action Replay MAX codes to work on Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix?

First start up ar max then select the codes. Then run swap magic. then kingdom hearts the codes should work

Are there any working codes for sonic advance 3 for action replay max and xploder?

Go to Super Cheats They SHOULD have some AR Codes.

What is the Kingdom Hearts 2 UK AR MAX code for inf jump?

There are no codes for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Action replay Pokemon HeartGold rare Pokemon codes?

There's some good Pokemon modifier AR Codes, you can find those, and more codes (US!) at this website:

How do you type in codes on version 1.2 action replay for GameCube?

You don't. They're stored on the disk and cannot be updated. You have to get a newer version for new codes and the ability to update.Edit: You can only input AR codes on an earlierversion of the game. It must be before v1.2 for you to be able to input codes.