How do ar codes work?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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AR codes work by manually putting a code on or download it(depending which AR you have)

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Q: How do ar codes work?
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Is there a good site for Ar codes?

Yes ,! have fun the ar codes there work!

Where is AR?

tried it on my ar and didn't work ,so that means there are no official codes

Does the AR codes for Naruto ninja destiny work?

The codes the action replay gives you do NOT work.

How do you get your ar codes to work on Pokemon white?

Enter the codes in correctly... oK!

Why won't my AR codes work for nintendogs lab The AR recognizes the game and i can select the codes and then go into my game but the codes dont work.?

mybe because the nintendogs game is a bit broken

Will using codes for a UK AR work fine on a US AR?

They'll work fine on a US AR, just as long as the game itself is from Europe.

What Ar codes for battle of giants dinosaurs?

This AR code is for 999 eggs should work 120C1624 0000270F

AR codes for sapphire?

An AR won't work on GBA, just on Nintendo ds or PSP, depending on which type you get. If you want to put in codes for Sapphire, get a game shark.

Do you how know to type AR codes with out all that work?

" work?"

Is there Pokemon emerald encounter codes for ar that actually work?

the action replay for the sp has awsome encounter codes

Do pearl ar codes work for diamond?

usually not so, but it depends on the cheat

How do you get unlimited health on drawn to life?

you can go to google if you have an actoin replay ds search for ar codes for drawn to life caution some of the ar codes don't work