Mass outbreak in Pokemon HeartGold

Updated: 4/28/2022
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mass outbreaks are according to day, not time. So there is a different mass outbreak every day.

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Q: Mass outbreak in Pokemon HeartGold
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How do you get snowrunt in Pokemon heartgold?


Where is mass outbreak in Pokemon HeartGold?

the places vary. check the radio to find out which Pokemon is appearing where.

Who is the mass outbreak girl in Pokemon soul silver?

there is no mass outbreak girl in soulsilver or heartgold. That was in pearl diamond and platinum versions. in heart gold and sould silver the mass outbreak is found by listening to Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk on the Pokégear radio in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Where can you find wild luvdisc in Pokemon HeartGold?

route 27 water surface mass outbreak

Were to catch kurlia on Pokemon HeartGold?

kirlia is not available in the wild. you would have to catch a male or female ralts during a mass outbreak, and evolve it into a kirlia.

What Pokemon can be found in mass outbreak?

rare Pokemon

How do you get a swarm of Pokemon on heartgold and soulsilver?

if by 'swarm' you mean a mass outbreak, then turn on your pokegear to the radio and go to the prof. oak and Mary's talk show. here they wil mention breaking news of an outbreak of a random hard to find Pokemon. the Pokemon will be random and be different every day.

What is the Mass Outbreak in Pokemon soulsilver?

The 'mass outbreak' is a swarm of Pokemon that you would not normally find anywhere else, and are at extremely high frequency rates. You can listen to Professor Oak's talk show for what the mass outbreak of Pokemon is and on what route it is on.

What is mass out break for Raltz in Pokemon HeartGold?

A mass outbreak means Ralts is the current swarm in Pokémon HeartGold. On a daily basis, the Swarm Pokémon will change but it will usually only be one Pokémon that is swarming.

What is the mass outbreak in Pokemon black?

its an outbreak of pokeemon from other regions

Can you find a wynaut in HeartGold?

yes, i believe on a mass outbreak. but i have no more info. sorry :(

How do you get magnomite Pokemon pearl?

mass outbreak