Lvl 4 sapphire piece in godswar?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to collect 99 pieces of "Level 4 Sapphire Pieces" then go to that the Gear Mentor at town square and select "Salary" then "Combine the pieces into level 4 Gems" option. Put the prices in the basket and click Combine. Sapphire level 4 gives a higher success rate compared to Sapphire level 3 which is ideal for Epic and Mystic rank upgrading

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Q: Lvl 4 sapphire piece in godswar?
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Where do you find Atlantean Map Piece in Facebook Castle Age?

The Map pieces are Epic drops from battling the following color Serpents: Ancient - piece (1/4) Amethyst - piece (2/4) Sapphire - piece (3/4) Emerald - piece (4/4) If you keep battling the Emerald serpent, you will keep receiving piece 4 of 4.

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What Pokémon are on route 224 on Pokémon pearl?

from here you should be able to walk around until you find a budew lvl ( 4 - 6.also if you want you can get a geodude from ravaged can get a starly lvl( 4 - 6), bidoof lvl ( 4 - 6), kricketot lvl 4, and shinx lvl ( 4 - 5 ). Also in ravaged path you can get zubat lvl ( 4 - 6 ), geodude lvl 5, and psyduck lvl 5 which is isn't very probable because there is like only a 2% chance of finding it in there.

Where is the best place to train in Pokemon sapphire?

In route 1 thas the best way to train pokemon if your pokemon lvl `10

How do you beat poster duty in Kingdom Hearts 2?

You need glide lvl 4 and quickrun lvl 4

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it depends what moves they have

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you can only if you are a lvl 4 and about to be a lvl 5

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elite 4 or victory road

What level does Gyarados learn hyperbeam?

Generation 1: lvl 52 Generation 2: lvl 50 Generation 3: lvl 55 Generation 4: lvl 47

How can you beat the elite 4 in Pokemon emerald with Sceptile lvl 48 flygon lvl 46 gyrados lvl 40 aggron lvl 44 sableye lvl 44 and hariyama lvl 40?

That's a great party, just train them to about lvl 60 and your ready to kick butt.

Am i ready to face the elite 4 tauros lvl 42 misdreavus lvl 42 Meganium lvl 42 ampharos lvl 42 togetic lvl 42 Heracross lvl 42?

If I were you, I would get them all to level 45, although when I beat them mine were level 44.