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You have to hit the red and blue tiles and get them in their correct layout, there should be some red and blue tiles elsewhere on the level which you can't get to, this is the layout you should be attempting to get by hitting the tiles with the mallet.

It's quite hard to explain, but you'll find it incredibly simple once you realise how to do it.

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Q: Link phantom hourglass What does it mean red and blueWhen they are aligned in their true form the path will open in te temple with the aquanine?
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What is the boss guarding the aquanine in the Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

the boss guarding the aquanine is Eox, Ancient Soldier

In the legend of Zelda phantom hourhlass how do you find aquanine?

The aquanine is on the Isle of Ruins.

When does a phantom stop killing you in one shot in phantom hourglass?

The Phantom always takes away time from your Hourglass if you're hit. To kill it, you must obtain the Phantom Blade, which you can get Zaus to make for you if you give him the three pure metals (Azourine, Aquanine, Crimsonine). Once you have the Phantom Blade, you can sneak up behind the Phantom and stab it in the back to kill it. Often times, a treasure chest appears somewhere when you kill all the Phantom on one floor.

When is phantom hourglass?

phantom hourglass is released in 2007.

How do you get a phantom sword in Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass?

To get the phantom sword, you need to have the three crystals, Crimsonine, Azurine, and Aquanine. You take these three crystals to Zauz the Blacksmith (he is located on an uncharted island north of the isle of gust). This is a walkthrough that will tell you how to get the three crystals and what to do from there:

Where is wind waker located in Zelda phantom hourglass?

There is no windwaker. The windwaker is in the windwaker, the phantom hourglass is the key item in phantom hourglass

What leaf in phantom hourglass?

Leaf is a spirit of power in phantom hourglass

Where can you get a drill for the boat in Zelda phantom hourglass phantom hourglass?

You Cant.

What is the ending of Phantom Hourglass?

diffent cans. love is at the end of phantom hourglass.

What are all the Zelda phantom hourglass enemies?

go to and click on " Phantom Hourglass"

For Zelda phantom of the hourglass how do you get the last pure metal?

1. Azurine,located on the isle of ruins2. Crimsonine,located in goron temple on goron isle3. Aquanine,located on the isle of frost in the yooks templeTake these to Zauz and have him smelt them together to make the phantom sword blade.take the sword blade to oshus aka grandpa and he will magically polymerize the phantom hourglass and the sword blade!you can now kill bellum and phantoms not to mention the bonuses you get 4 killing all the phantoms on the floor.

How do you get aquanine in phantom hourglass?

first you need to get the fourth sea chart in the temple of the ocean king. Then go to the island of the dead. Then go to the temple and go the doors in this order, north, east, east, north, north then get the regul necalice and go to the island of ruins.