Is zwinky a virus

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sadly.....Yes, i loved zwinky, i used to play everyday, until..... I did a virus scan, and well I got 137 ADWARE and 5 Pups.

SO i deleteed zwinky

did a virus search

and Boom all gone



BUT VIRUS and ADWARE and Pups.


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Q: Is zwinky a virus
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Can zwinky give you a virus?

yes zwinky can give you the virus but you can remove it . it happend to me but everything is okay

What is with zwinky?

zwinky will give you a virus on your computer. it won't give you a virus if you stay on it for a few minutes. you will get a virus if you stay on it for hours.

Is zwinky ok to load on computer?

no it has a virus mine got a virus off that

Do the website Zwinky put virus on your computer?

yes it does

Does zwinky have a virus?

Yes, it does. It has Adware. And, it infected my computer.

What is the risk in downloading Zwinky?

My answer:=No there is a big risk of downloading zwinky because my computer got a virus and the guy said it was zwinky that caused it so if i were u don't down load zwinky.=

Can you make a zwinky with no virus?

No i am sorry but no :-( - from iamacoolbean (olivia jones)

What is new for zwinky in 2009?

hey! warning: Don't go on zwinky it gives you're computer a virus then it shuts down!

What are some games that are cute like zwinky?

nothing else zwinky can sometimes cause a virus please dont report this

Is zinky for mac?

1. No 2. Zwinky = My Web Search = Virus

How can you play zwinky without getting any viruses?

I'm very sorry, but there is no way for you to play zwinky without getting a virus on your computer. How do I know this? Thanks to McAfee SiteAdvisor. I was playing a game and the Zwinky thing popped up and the site advisor said, "Website may potentially harm your computer leading to a virus."

Does zwinky cuties give you viruses?

No.... Zwinky Cuties is a perfectly safe environment and doesn't have any spyware/ malware/ ect.. It is VERY safe to play Zwinky Cuties. It is NOTHING like zwinky. I promise you. Zwinky can install things without permission and is the targeted virus that can easily install on your computer. I hope I could help! x