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I'm very sorry, but there is no way for you to play zwinky without getting a virus on your computer. How do I know this? Thanks to McAfee SiteAdvisor. I was playing a game and the Zwinky thing popped up and the site advisor said, "Website may potentially harm your computer leading to a virus."

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Q: How can you play zwinky without getting any viruses?
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Does zwinky cuties give you viruses?

No.... Zwinky Cuties is a perfectly safe environment and doesn't have any spyware/ malware/ ect.. It is VERY safe to play Zwinky Cuties. It is NOTHING like zwinky. I promise you. Zwinky can install things without permission and is the targeted virus that can easily install on your computer. I hope I could help! x

How do you play zwinky without installing it?

You can play zwinky without downloading or installing it but the only problem is that you can't move around. But, you can use up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right BA and it will take you anywhere.

Do boys plays Zwinky?

Yes, boys can play Zwinky.

How do you get on zwinky whit out downlonding?

You cannot get zwinky without downloading.If there are any websites out there that say you can and there's a link, it's all fake.Zwinky is required to be installed in order to play. :)Hope that helped!

Is zwinky a safe website for kids?

NO and YES! NO because sometimes people are pretending to be someone you don't know if they are girls or boys they even lies about their age. YES because its fun to play and they can learn different fashion designs!! BUT BE CAREFUL ZWINKY HAS MANY VIRUSES!!

How do you get the hairstyles without a zcard on zwinky?

In Zwinky, there are certain items for sale that can only be purchased with a zcard, and as far as I know, there is no cheat to get around it. (Basically it's Zwinkys way of getting you to spend money!). However, you can "buy" non-zcard items in any shop in the mall in Zwinky world. In order to get play money you have to play games. You can even collect play money just by wandering around the town. Each time you go from one place to another, I think you get an extra dollar or something.

Why wouldn't zwinky download?

you don't really have to download zwinky to play it cuz i didn't

How do you regurster on zwinkycom?

To register on Zwinky, you need to download it. You can't play Zwinky unless you download it. After you downloaded Zwinky, you can register and create your own Zwinky! After that, you can have all the fun you want!

Do you have to be this birth 1995 to play zwinky?

On zwinky you have to be 13+ to register for an account. I warn you, though. There's a lot of Peres and sexual activity in Zwinky.

Can you get free money on Zwinky?

you get zbucks only if you play games or visit everywhere in the zwinky map

How old do you have to be to join zwinky?

You need to be at least 13 years old to play zwinky. If you put lower, you will be redirected to zwinky cuties. Hope this helped.

How do you get zachievements on zwinky?

play games and travel.