Is virtua tennis 2009 slow on PC?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, there is a glitch with the game. The graphics and sound work perfectly, but the game plays as if it's in slow motion.

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Q: Is virtua tennis 2009 slow on PC?
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How can I make flat shot in the PC version of Virtua Tennis?

It's not possible.

When virtua tennis 2009 come out?

For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it came out May 28, 2009. For Wii, it came out June 2 of the same year. For PC it came out July 3 also in 2009.

How do you download virtua fighter 4 on PC?

how to download vitual fighter 4 for PC

Can virtua tennis 3 for PC play in 2 players what is gamepad is that a keyboard 2 keyboards needed?

1 key board is enough if u want to play one player

Can virtua tennis 3 for PC play in 2 players?

Yes, it can be played in two-player mode by using only two gamepads. You cannot play it using a keyboard and a joystick. As soon as you plug in your second gamepad, the 2P option will be available.

What is the best Tennis simulator game on PC?

Full Ace tennis

What are some fighting games?

Some fighting games which have PC versions are the Mortal Kombat series, the Super Street Fighter series, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Deadpool and Awesomenauts.

Can internet games slow a PC down?

it depends on how big is the internet game but yes they can slow it.

How do you perform a drop shot on virtua tennis 2009 PC?

If you play in the regular keyboard settings, you must slice your shot by pressing the 'X' button. To perform a good dropshot, make sure you are placed good and press the DOWN arrow key together with the 'X' button (to slice it just over the net). You must be in place early though to perform a good dropshot. The longer the player gets to prepare himself to play a dropshot, the better it will be (the closer it touches just behind the net).

What is the website for NBA live 2009 in PC?

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Is it truth that screensaver can slow the PC?

Uh, No

What causes PC's to become slow?

you have viriuses