Can internet games slow a PC down?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends on how big is the internet game but yes they can slow it.

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It depends on what kind of game it is but some internet games do slow your PC down.

So yes.

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Q: Can internet games slow a PC down?
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Why does your PC take so long to connect to the internet?

Your PC could have a slow processor. The processor speed on your computer will slow down how fast your computer operates.

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It may be because your internet connection is too slow or you do not have java on your PC

Do Sims games for PC slow down or reck your computer?

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Does listening to internet radio slow down computer?

No,it should not rather loading radio stations slow down computer due to low ram or slow internet speedstey deletin temp files in your pc. go to run then type %temp% click run delete all the files jn the folder and leave which do not get deleted.

Where can someone bring their PC for repairs if they are having problems with the internet being slow?

Usually if the internet is being slow it isn't a computer problem and you should call your service provider. However one can have their computer looked at to make sure there are no viruses or unnecessary files slowing it down.

Can three computers on the same network cause your PC to be slow?

NO, but it does affect your Internet connection if you have one.

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After I update windows my browsing connection is slow even if my internet speed is fast with other PC connected.