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Vector is a good guy

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Q: Is vector the crocodile good or bad?
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Is Vector from Sonic a villain?

No, Vector the Crocodile is the leader of a Detective agency known as the Chaotix. They generally follow the good side.

What colour is vector the crocodile?


Who would win in a battel big the cat or vector the crocodile?

vector the crocodile everybody knows that I mean it big is a big softy!!

Who is the dinosaur in sonic?

his name is vector the crocodile

What color is Vector the Crocodile's eyes?


When is Vector the Crocodile's Birthday?

August 9th

Is sonic stronger then vector the crocodile?


Who is the Green Sonic Hero?

You may be referring to Vector the crocodile.

Is vector the crocodile sonic's friend?

Yes, technically speaking.

Where can you find a Vector The Crocodile action figure?

Toys "R" us

Does vector the crocodile ever take his headphones off?

he never takes them off!!!!!

Who is the leader of team chaotix on sonic heroes?

The team leader of team chaotix is vector the crocodile