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I think it is very good. But it depends how far you are. And what about Snorlax???? I think that you could also get a better electric Pokemon and that you could get a better Pokemon than Nidoqueen.

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Q: Is this a good team for LeafGreen Charizard kabutops aerodactyl Dragonite nidoqueen and jolteon?
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Can someone rate my Pokemon firered team Charizard Pidgeot Nidoqueen Lapras Jolteon Hitmonchan?

It really depends on the movesets. I'll replace hitmonchan with dragonite. I'd say you shouldn't have Pidgeot because you already have a Charizard, which is fire and flying. I have Charizard, Nidoqueen, and Lapras. I think they are very good. But I did have a Jolteon and I found it to be very weak. Replace Hitmonchan and Joteon with a ghost and a ground type.

Rate my Pokemon leaf green team Charizard Gyarados Victreebell Dragonite Snorlax Nidoqueen?

I would give your team,on a scale of 1-10, a 9 1/2

Can someone rate your Pokemon firered team Charizard Pidgeot nidoqueen lapras jolteon Dragonite and movesets for them?

Your team is too weak to Electric and Ground, you should consider replacing Lapras with Blissey.

Ratemy Pokemon LeafGreen team Dragonite 55 Venusaur 57 nidoqueen 42 lapras 46 pigeot 48 magmar 45?

its pretty good unless your challenging the elite four

Where can you get nidoqueen in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Evolve Nidorina with the Moon Stone. Unless you know someone with a Nidoqueen.

Where can you catch Nidoqueen in LeafGreen?

Its not possible to catch a Nidoqueen to get one use a moon stone on a Nidorina.

What is better Blastoise or Charizard in fire red and is this a good party Blastoise lvl65 Dragonite lvl55 Nidoqueen lvl50 Snorlax lvl50 Raichu lvl50 Exeggutor lvl50 please comment?

yeah its good who wouldn't think its good

Best elite four teams?

Kanto Hoenn Sinnoh Raichu Charizaird Gyrados Vileplume or Victreebell Tyrnitar or Hypno Dragonite My kanto team was yellow version Sandslash Nidoqueen w blizzard Clefable Charizard Pidgeot and of course Pikachu

Rate your Pokemon leaf green team dragonair lv 50 Charizard lv 49 aerodactyl lv 45 Venusaur lv 60 Blastoise lv 49 my last one you havent decided any good ideas no legendaries?

It is good and you should use NidoKing or NidoQueen or Tyranitar

Can nidoking breed with a nidoqueen in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes but the egg will always be a female nidoran.

What is a good Pokemon party for Pokemon FireRed?

You can use Charizard, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Zapdos, Pidgeyot, Articuno. At least lv. 60. It worked for me For me, I used a charizard, dragonite, zapdos, lapras, mewtwo/alakazam, and articuno/nidoking all at least lvl 60, unless you've beaten the league, when the obvious goal would be level 100 Make sure all of the Pokemon have well rounded moves, instead of dragonite having fly, outrage, dragonclaw, and bite. Try to make it more like this: Fly Outrage Thunderbolt Surf See? well rounded

What Pokemon learns earthaquake in FireRed?

All ground types can learn that like Golem, Nidoking, Nidoqueen. Other Pokemon that can learn it are: Aerodactyl, Mewtwo, Mew, Tauros, Machamp and many more.