Is there such thing as a DSi XXL?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is there such thing as a DSi XXL?
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Is there such thing of a dsi xxl?


How many is XXL in Roman Numerals?

i thing it like 130Improved :-It is XXL = XXX = 30

Where is a DSI 3d?

There's no such thing as a DSi 3D. You might be mistaking it for the DSi, DSi XL or 3DS.

What does the DSi XL have?

The dsi xl has every thing the dsi has but it justs has a biger screen.

Does the 3DS work on the 3DS dsi?

There is no such thing as a 3DS DSi.

When is Nintendo DSi LL coming out?

There is no such thing! I think you mean dsi XL!!CORRECTION:There is SUCH THING as a DSi LL. The DSi XL and the DSi LL are the same thing. In Japan, they call it a DSi LL, but in other countries, it is called as a DSi XL.And the answer to your question is:The DSi LL/DSi XL was already released last March in America, and December in Hong Kong. Maybe your country hasn't received any yet.

Is there such thing as a dsi purple?


Is there such thing as a DSI tracker?


What does the you stand for in DSI?

The " you" does not stand for any thing, it is just the DSi's slogan: What will you and "i" play?

What can a dsi XL do?

Same things as DSi. Only thing different, is that it is larger.

What numerical size is comparable to XXL?

The numerical system cannot be compared to the size system of clothing. XXL means it is extra extra large. Extra extra large cannot be converted into a numerical quantity. The closest thing is 2XL, or twice extra large, which is XXL.

Are travel chargers for Nintendo DSi the same thing as a wall charger for Nintendo DSi?