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it means you have to accept the terms of policy thing in your DSi settings. I'm guessing you are trying to get victini on Pokemon black and white.

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Q: What does error code 51099 on the DSI mean?
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What is error code 51099?

Error code 51099 is received when WPA is not compatible with Nintendo DS game card. It disables the online connection and the use of online features of the Nintendo DSi.

What does the error code 369014 mean on Nintendo DSi?

Do a System Update from the Start menu!

What does the Nintendo DSi error code 051310-1 mean?

This is an invalid error code. Please check the code again to make sure you have it copied correctly.

What does error code ooooFEoo mean for ninendo DSI?

You are using flash card? R4i or another?

What does the Nintendo DSi error code 052000-1 mean?

The error code 052000-1 on a Nintendo DSi means that your device is unable to connect to the wireless network. You will not be able to do anything that requires an internet connection until you get the connection fixed.

What does the Nintendo DSi error code 051310 1 mean?

It's usually a WEP Key issue.

What does the Nintendo DSi error code 051099 mean?

This is a problem with the security settings on your wireless connection. To do what you were doing when the error code appeared, change your wireless network security type to WEP, or disable security (not recommended).

What is error code 051112-1 means on your dsi?

i dont no trying to figure it out

What does the Nintendo DSi error code 052103-1 mean?

This means there is a problem with your router's firewall settings. For more information, click the link below.

Error code ooooFEoo ninendo DSI?

use a blow dryer on it, to dry it and then it will work

What does error code 051110-1 mean for DSi?

eg wrong password or you are not close enough to your internet access point and check WEP instead of WPA

What does support code 73412 mean on the dsi?