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There will be a new season but as far as I know of - only the companies behind the show know the name of the new season if they have even decided on one yet.

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Q: Is there going to be a new Pokemon season called Pokemon platinum in Canada and America?
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Is there a new version of Pokemon diamond or pearl?

yeah it's called Pokemon platinum yeah it's called Pokemon platinum

Where do you get a senret in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no Pokemon called senret

Will there be another Pokemon version?

yes but it is called Pokemon platinum

How do you get a anplogionin Pokemon platnium?

There is no item or Pokemon called an anplogionin in Pokemon Platinum.

What are all the fire Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

With something called CHEATS.

What is the new Pokemon Nintendo DS game called?

Pokemon platinum

Will there be a third game for Sinnoh rigeon like they had Pokemon Rubyand Pokemon sapphire and then Pokemon Emerald?

There is It's called Pokemon platinum and it's already out in America since 22nd of march and may 22nd 2009 in the UK.

What is the 3rd opening of Pokemon dp called?


Where can you find bugzion in Pokemon Platinum?

Retard There isn't A Pokemon Called Bugzion

Where can you buy Pokemon Platinum?

you can buy Pokemon platinum in a store called Gamestop. it should be located in your local mall, or close to it. hope that helps:)

What region are you in in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum the region is called Sinnoh.

How do you get mew three in platinum?

there is no such Pokemon called mew three