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i dont know but cp is relly slow when so meny penguins are on it so you would have to cope with this

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Q: Is there away to speed up time on club penguin?
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Where is Rokhopper in Club Penguin?

Rockhopper's ship will be found at The Beach on any server on Club Penguin. He only comes for a limited time and then sails away again.

If I no time to feed the puffle In Club Penguin What will happen?

it runs away like my friends did

How do you skip time on Club Penguin?

You cannot skip time on Club Penguin!

Why Can't you time travel on Club Penguin?

You can't time travel on on Club Penguin because Club Penguin is a social networking site.

Which time is penguin time on Club Penguin?

PST... (Penguin Standard Time)

Where is the time button in Club Penguin?

Club Penguin ResourcesThere is no time button on Club Penguin, but there is a big clock with a target on top of it. If this is what you're talking about, it is at the Snow Forts. If you need any more help, add laurlaur1111 on Club Penguin. Thanks!

Who is Littleman353 in Club Penguin?

He is the meanest penguin in club penguin I wouldn't recommend to be friends with him because he will get u banned by no time

Is there a newer version of Club Penguin or something like it?

Well, nothing has changed on Club Penguin so no, there is no newer version of Club Penguin available at this time.

How do you play Club Penguin elite penguin force on the PC?

That is passed. There is no way you can play club penguin in 2010. Although there are some club penguin private servers (CPPS) which never update so they take you back in time in club penguin.

How do you change the date on Club Penguin?

You cannot change the time of Club Penguin. the time is fixed so you cannot change but if you are offline, you still can see the time of club penguin by going to this website:

How do you use the time machine on club penguin?

To use the time machine on club penguin buy the hat at the stage and go into the box

Can you unlock a puffle on Club Penguin?

for the time ive been on club penguin i dont think so