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you could use cheats for action replay like 900x medicines.that will give ya 900 rare candies.or you can use the cheat for super exp gain. thatll give ya like,1000000 exp points.

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Q: Is there any way to level Pokemon to 100 on pearl?
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How do you get any Pokemon that is level 100 on pearl?

just train them

Can you go to a level200 on Pokemon Pearl?

No you cannot. The maximum level for a Pokemon is only up to Lvl. 100. After that, you cannot level up any further.

Can any Pokemon surpass level 100 in Pokemon Diamond?

No Pokemon can reach a higher level of 100 in Pokemon diamond or pearl even if you use action replay, i don't think you can get it sorry :( nintendochick knows all!

What do you recommend for a Pokemon team in Pokemon soulsilver?

I recommend a level 100 lugia or ho-oh,a level 100 raiko,a level 100 arceus ,level 100 of any of the starters,level 100 scizor, and a level 100 of any Pokemon you choose

What city in Pokemon black can you find a level 100 Pokemon?

You can't find any level 100 Pokemon in any Pokemon games without hacking.

What level does mightyena evolve on pearl?

mightyena doesn't evolve on Pokemon pearl, he doesn't evolve in any Pokemon game!

How do you get a Pokemon at level 100 to go to level 150 on Pokemon pearl?

First of all, whoever told you the other thing was stupid. You can't get you Pokemon up to level 150 on ANY Pokemon game. The max level is 100, no higher. There might be an action replay cheat for it but I'm not sure, I've never seen a cheat like that before.

Can you breed Pokemon at level 100?

Yes, you can breed Pokemon of any level.

Can a level 100 nuzleaf involve on pokemon?

Yes, it can. Any Pokemon that evolve with an evolutionary stone can evolve at any level, even 100.

Whereare lv 100 Pokemon?

You can't catch Level 100 Pokemon in any Pokemon game. The highest catching Level in Pokemon is Level 80. You need to raise your Pokemon to Level 100 or trade for a Level 100 Pokemon to get one. You can also challenge Level 100 Pokemon, but only in the organized challenges of the Pokemon games (i.e. Battle Tower, Trainer Tower).

Can you evolve a Pokemon level 100?

no when it is level 100 you cant evolve it any more

How do you catch a 100 leveled Pokemon en Pokemon pearl version?

you need action replay Then you can catch any Pokemon i like to use it in platinum and then trade the Pokemon to pearl