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There is a TON in Eterna Forest. Go there and run around and you should see one within a minute.

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Q: Is there any trainer that has cascoon in Pokemon platinum?
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Is there a cheat to battle any trainer in Pokemon platinum?


What trainer has a Suicune in platinum?

No trainer that you would battle in Pokemon Platinum has a Suicune. The trainers you face in the game use Pokemon that can strictly be obtained through normal gameplay, and do not possess any legendary Pokemon.

What trainer has keicketot in Pokemon Platinum?

I don't know of any. But they are in the wild at night and at the morning.

Are there any trainers with a cascoon in platinum?

Team Galactic and other Trainers.

Where can you find a trainer with a leafreon in Pokemon platinum?

You have to go to hearthome win all the Pokemon contests and then go to any route and it will appear

What trainer has monferno in platinum?

I have Pokemon Platinum,but it has been a really long time since I have played it.One trainer I know is your rival.If you chose Turtwig as your starter,your rival would have chosen Chimchar.Also,there is another Pokemon Trainer in one of the Pokemon centers in any of the cities. Hope this helps.If this doesn't help you,I am really sorry!!!!!

Are there any trainers in Pokemon platinum that have a Scyther?

yeah there is a trainer on route 216 next to the house where you can heal you Pokemon he is an ace trainer who has a dusclops,mr.mime and a scyther. His name is ace trauner Garrett.

Pokemon platinum were to battle a trainer with ditto?

you go to route 223 and you will see a trainer that has yellow hair she has a dildo its Avery special Pokemon you can make babies with it just mix with any other

What level does golbat evolve at on Pokemon platinum?

Golbat will evolve if it has max friendship with its trainer which means it can evolve at any level.

Are there any trainers with a metang in Pokemon diamond?

An Ace Trainer in Victory Road on floor B1F has one. Sorry, scratch that, the Metang only appears in Pokemon Platinum.

Is there any Pokemon underground on Pokemon Platinum?


Where do you find Pokemon 170?

if u mean glaceon then platinum: trainer on route 217 but if its any other Pokemon let me know because i don't know if u mean sinnoh pokedex or national