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Wolf Play

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Q: Is there any good virtual wolf breeding games?
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Are there any free virtual wolf breeding games with no downloading?

wolf quest its really cool i hope this helped also dog and cat breeding games are foopets

Any virtual wolf breeding world?


What are free wolf breeding games online?

One is called Wajas it is like a wolf/dog breeding sim game

Any free wolf breeding games?

Wajas is a free wolf breeding game with lots of different types of wolves! ^^

Are there any virtual wolf games besides Feralheart WolfQuest and Wolf?

and there is Animal Jam

Any wolf breeding games that I don't have to download?


Are there any virtual dog wolf or fox games that are free and don't require downloading?

I've played virtual dog games and I'm going to say yes to it i played the virtual games on myspace that is where you can find the virtual games

Are there any virtual wolf games you can download other than Wolf Quest and FeralHeart and Wolf?

yah... theres endless forest

Are there any virtual fox games?

Wolf Quest1, 2 and in coming out in November, 2010, (although it 2010) Wolf Quest 3!

What are some good 3D or virtual role play games like WolfQuest?

my pony is like wolf quest but better you get to meet more friends and chat

Any good online wolf games?

Wolf Quest

You want a free virtual world with no downloads to start a virtual family on?

Virtual Family Kingdom is fun, you can also become a fairy, mermaid or wolf. There are also great outfits and tons of furni, quests, games.