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yah... theres endless forest

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Q: Are there any virtual wolf games you can download other than Wolf Quest and FeralHeart and Wolf?
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Is there any virtual wolf games besides wolfquest?

You can try ROBLOX or FeralHeart. I play WolfQuest and ROBLOX, but haven't tried FeralHerat yet. You have to download both though.

Are there any virtual wolf games besides Feralheart WolfQuest and Wolf?

and there is Animal Jam

Are there any dog role playing games I've heard of Feralheart and Wolf Quest both are nice but any others?

not that i have heard of i know of 2 that have wolf roleplaying 1 wolf quest and 2 feralheart it also has lions tho

Are there games like monkey quest?

Wolf Quest but you will have to download it...

Is there any more games like feralheart?

there is impressive title,endless forest,wolf quest and arokai thats all i know for know sorry :)

Is there any good virtual games like wolfquest?

There are a couple i have heard of that are apparently really good: FeralHeart Endless Forest Fly Like A Bird 3

What are some virtual online games like poptropica?

like monkey quest

Where can you download virtual Console games?

At the Wii shop channel.

Are there any 3d animal games that arent wolf quest feralheart or perfect world?

there is cats paw island but itd not 3d................. or untold tales. that is really fun also

What are good virtual world games no download or email?

There are multiple Jurassic Park games.

Are there any free virtual chating games? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!

Were some good virtual games online? is great! Its a 3D no download free virtual world!!!