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Q: Is there any English GBA or DS Gundam games?
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Does gundam come in English for Nintendo DS?

Sadly no, there has been no English release for any of the great gundam nds games. Ive spent hours on the internet looking. But if you use a R4 or somethin you can get English patches

Where can you get some gundam video games?

any game stop or most game stores if they have them in stock, i know theres dynasty warriors gundam verson

Pokemon platuim where do you get regirock or any of them?

trade them off GBA games if you have it on the GBA game.

Can you get Mewtheree in any GBA Pokemon games?

no you can not

Do I need the gba slot if I don't have any Game Boy games?

Well, if you planning on buying any GBA games then yes. But otherwise no.(Obviously)

Where are your gba Pokemon games?

at any walmart or other store

Where can you watch free gundam unicorn episodes in English?

Any popular anime streaming website such as Gogo anime.

How do you migrate Pokemon from gba games?

you have 2 go 2 pal park then migrate your Pokemon from any gba game

Is any gundam seed good compared to gundam UC?

Yes, it is awesome.

What Pokemon can you use in palpark?

Any Pokemon from the GBA Pokemon games.

How do you catch a Squirtle on Pokemon Diamond?

you have to get it on any GBA Pokemon games

Can you play ONLY gameboy advance SP games on a Game Boy Advance SP?

There is no such thing as a GBA 'SP Game', as in, games designed to either work differently, or work only on a GBA SP. All GBA games will work on all GBA consoles of any kind, be they the original GBA, the SP, the SP+, the Micro, and even slot-2 of the DS and DS lite. You can also play GBC games on a GBA. I believe the Micro cannot, and the DS cannot either.