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Q: Is there an online naughty bear game?
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How do you get online on naughty bear?

help cuz i cant get online either.i go to multiplayer then when i go for quik game it sez "eroor occured"pleas help me because naughty bear online is ment to be amazing

Is Naughty Bear a two player game?

Yes and no you can only play multilayer online.

Is naughty bear on the PlayStation 2?

No Naughty bear is a PS3 Xbox 360 game

Will they make the game naughty bear 2?

idk if they will make naughty bear 2 i dnt think naughty bear 1 did well so i doubt tht they will make a naughty bear 2

When is Naughty Bear game out?

it is out on the 16th of may

Is naughty bear for ps3 an offline multiplayer game?

No you can't play multiplayer offline only single player. But you can play it online with other online players.

When you play online in the game Naughty Bear does that mean you can play with other people like Modern Warfare 2?

Yeah but without the guns :)

How do you get episode 8 in naughty bear?

You have to download it from the game marketplace as an add-on

When did Naughty Bear happen?

Naughty Bear happened in 2010.

How many players is the game naughty bear?

The just released (June 29 2010) game for Xbox 360 and PS3 is a single player game that is also able to be a multi-player game when online. See related link

Can you free roam on naughty bear?

well i doubt it cause you just do episodes and killing bears i dnt think theres free roam in naughty bear i haven't beat the game yet but im working on it and there mioght be free roam after you beat naughty bear but im not sure yet

Where do you enter your naughty bear free costume code?

where do you enter your naughty bear free costume