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I'm pretty sure there is an ability, but I forget what it is.

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Q: Is there an item or ability to prevent the move roar in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Pokemon SoulSilver what is the cape?

A fashion item that is contained in your case.

Where do you get lucky eggs in Pokemon SoulSilver?

to get a lucky in soul silver you have to catch a chansy and then take the item if it has a item

Is there an item or ability to prevent the move roar in Pokemon soul silver?

Shadow Tag prevents the foe from escaping wynaut and wobafet can use it

How can you get the item kings rock in Pokemon soulsilver?

buy it from the PokeShop, silly.With Loves From, Karrmy

Why do you need the slowpoke tail in Pokemon SoulSilver?

It is just a collectors item ZERO effect.

What item do you get after you beat the kimono girls in Pokemon soulsilver?

you will get the tidal bell that will awake lugia

What is a star piece in Pokemon SoulSilver?

its just a random item that you can sell at the poke mart to get money

In Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver what happens if your Pokemon finds an item but won't give it to you?

nothing, it will say that your Pokemon is holding something but it is to precious to give you. you will never get it.

What Pokemon ability makes wild Pokemon more likely to be holding an item?

Compoundeyes is the ability that makes it more likely for a wild Pokémon to be holding an item.

What moves does Snorlax have in Pokemon SoulSilver?

giga impact atract block ice beam item is leftovers

What does the Pokemon ability frisk do?

it reveals the enemy's held item

If you transfer a Pokemon from a GBA over to Heartgold or soulsilver while its holding an item-will it still be holding the item when you catch it?

Will You Blame Me If I Say I Have No F***ing Idea?