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Q: Is there an infinity energy cheat on infamous?
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What is a cheat to getting all the trophies in infamous?

There is no cheat to getting all trophies for Infamous, you will just have to play it to get platinum, like me and whom ever else...

What is the cheat for gta LC psp infinity health?

no cheat

Is there a invincibility cheatcode for infamous?

yes just go on to utube and type in invicibility cheat for infamous

Is there any codes for infamous like infinite energy or health and if not why not?

No, the makers of the game knew that cheat codes would devalue the spirit of the game.

How do you get infinity masterball in Pokemon Silver?

you cant get infinity but you can get 999 with the cheat device

What is the infinity life cheat for stick arena?

there's no cheat that i no of, soz :(

Is there a cheat to get infinity coins in freerealms for the computer?

yes, there is. you need cheat engine though.

How do you get infinity health in god hand?

cheat codes

What is the infinite health cheat for Heli Attack 3?

infinity heath

What is the cheat code for infamous PC mini game?

3662 i think hope it helps

Will there be a infamous 2?

Yes! Yes there will! they are advirtising it on Gameinformer, Cheat CC, and Even ROBLOX.

What is the infinity ammo cheat for grand theft auto vice city for ps2?

There is no cheat for infinite ammo.You can do that in pc by using trainer.