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No, it is impossible

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Q: Is there an infinite health cheat 4 cod black ops?
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Is there an infinite health cheat for cod black ops zombies or infinite ammo?

i think infinite ammo, i did it on the PC version

Is there a cheat code for infinite money on cod zombies?


Infinite ammo cheat for CoD 5 nazi zombies xbox360?

Go to

What is the cheat COD Noir do?

The COD Noir cheat for CoD 4:MW makes everything black and white and smokey piano bar, 1930's gangster era soft music.

What are Xbox 360 cheat codes for cod 5?

There are no cheats for cod 5 there are glitches but not cheats like infinite ammo or invincibilty because that would be unfair.....But you can always hack

How do get infine ammo and health on cod black ops?

you can not.

How do you put in cheats on cod black ops 2?

To put in cheats on COD Black Ops 2 you need to the main menu. From the main menu you type your cheat code into the cheat computer. Examples of cheat codes include DOA, 3ARC INTEL, and 3ARC Unlock

Does the Xploder Cheat System for Xbox 360 work with cod black ops?


Is there a cheat to get to prestige faster in cod black ops?

There might be but you would get banned instantly

Is there cheats for online cod black ops multiplayer?

No, but there are glitches, if you cheat or glitch it can get you banned forever

What are cheats for cod black ops zombies wii?

there are no cheat codes you would have to hack the game.

How do you get infinite ammo in cod black ops zombies?

In Ps3 You Can't Xbox 360 Maybe WII no PC Yeah you Can