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There is no invincibility cheat for COD: Finest Hour.

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Q: How do you engage invincibility cheat for call of duty finest hour?
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Call of duty 3 Invincibility Cheat Codes?

AnswerThere is no invincibility cheat code for Call of Duty 3. Unless you wanna get in trouble.

How do you get invincibility on Call of Duty 2?


What is the invincibility cheat code for zombies mode on xbox 360 call of duty black ops?

its to not cheat

In saints row is there a unkillable cheat?

Call #36 with your in-game phone for invincibility.

What is the cheat for all levels in call of duty finest hour gamecube?

There are none

What is the invincibility cheat for call of duty black ops on wii?

its not a cheat its a hack so if you want to be invisible u need to hack so go search it up

How do you get invincibility on Resident Evil 4?

Here's my answer for you. DON'T CHEAT! It's not worth it. Just go through the game and call it a day, okay?

What is the invincibility cheat for Call of Duty 4?

the only cheats that you can unlock in call of duty 4 are the ones from collecting Intel in the single player campaign. Other than that there are no other cheats for call of duty 4.

What are some game cheat codes for COD?

Some of the cheat codes that can be put in to Call of Duty are: Invincibility = god Full Health = give health Get All Items = give all Extra Ammo = give ammo

What are the cheat codes for Call of duty Finest hour?

They depend on what you are playing it on. Check the site from the link below, it's very helpful.

Is there a invincibility cheat for call of duty world at war final fronts?

I checked all over, and none of the cheats I found were verified (had the same cheats), so I am guessing no.

What was the first call of duty.?

It is Call of Duty finest hour