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There are alternative programs for Advance Text. These are Sublime Text, a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. Another alternative is Vim, also known as Vi Improved.

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Q: Is there an alternate program for Advance Text?
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Pokemon advance text?

Pokemon advance text is a program that lets you change the things that your sprite or others in the games say

Does advance text Pokemon support mac program?

No advance text Pokémon does not run on Mac. Visual Boy advance and Mac Boy advance are good emulators for Mac.

Where do you get Pokemon FireRed text editor?

Advance text is good for starters

Does Anybody know how to get advance text to work when it says the program has shut down and to send an error report?

i really need to figure this out too. someone please reply. or, send me results at please, and thank you in advance.

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advance text.

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Text Edit :Advance Text , Thingy , Hexecute Map Editor :Advance Map Just go to

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Thanks In Advance

Can you get paintnet for iMac?

No, but you can get an alternate program called Pinta or you can get Gimp.

Which scripting utility allows you to find patterns and replace these patterns with alternate text?

The "Find & Replace" function of a text editor.

Does the visual boy advance give you viruses?

No, the Visual Boy Advance program does not give you viruses. You can get a virus from files downloaded from unsafe sources and then used with the Visual Boy Advance program.

What is the sap long from?

system advance program

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