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Q: Is there an English version of game captain tsubasa 1?
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Is there an English version of game captain tsubasa ps2?


Is the Tsubasa Chronicle game available in English?

I don't think so.

Where can you buy in the US Captain Tsubasa for ps2?

It is a Japanese game and has been imported from Japan, not a US game and you could get it at amazon for $40 or more

Has Captain tsubasa game for ps2 launched in India?

No. Japanese games don't release in India. You can download the torrent and save it on a DVD, and then run it on your PS2 :)

Is there an English version of the Ao Oni game?


What are some games by owlient in English besides babydow and howrse?

Apart From Howrse there is: Aquariow- A game where you look after fish. This game is only in French though. There is no English version, unlike on howrse Babydow- A game where you look after babies. There is an English version of this game. Quizz Howrse - A horse quiz game. English version available.

Is there an English version of the Deltora quest D.S. game?

Not released

Is the Nintendo DS game called Tsubasa Chronicle released in America yet?

No, but it might be if the Tsubasa Anime sells well over here in America. If not then the DS game wont make it here.

Is gta vice city have a Russian version?

no,man its an English version of Tommy Vercetti, but in this game there are people who speak latin ,french and English

What is a us version game?

A U.S version of a game means the English version of the game, you see not all games are English. Some are Japanese and well that's all I see so far but I think it's because almost all the games you like come from Japan.

Who translated Hetaoni into English?

The English version of the Hetaoni game was collaboratively created by the French DeviantArt users Pianodream and Neo-Kyno. The English version of Hetaoni is heavily based on the Japanese version yet there are some slight differences between this version of Hetaoni and the original version.

When is naruto shippuden game ps2 English version coming out?

the game is coming out on march 24,2009