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yes go on neoseekers

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Q: Is there a replay code for 1 hit KO in Pokemon platinum?
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Is there a One-hit KO action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

Yes there is but type it up on google (not here)!

Why will your action replay not activate the codes for Pokemon platinum?

You need to hit (L+R)

How do you put Pokemon platinum in an action replay?

You must insert Platinum into the AR, and on the front screen, a code is shown, and it will say "Unknown Game". write down that code, then go to the game list screen, hit "Add New Game", then type in the code. the only downfall to it is that it does not have pre-programmed codes, unlike an AR that has platinum already on it.

Is there a One hit KO action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

Yeah pikachu can do a move called gangbeat whee he sings music< puts his enemy to sleep and takes a revolver out and kills them

What is the action replay code to get a streak of 160 in the battle hall for Pokemon platinum?

srry this none but u can try to get as high as u can with the 1 hit k-o and the heal your health during battle that's how i beat it

Is there a One-hit KO action replay code for Pokemon white?

there probably is but the thing is they haave to re code it to get the code right then test it in the game

Cheat for 1 hit KO in Pokemon Platinum?

if you have an ar go to code junkies and search Pokemon platinum its there somewhere

What is the code to make your Pokemon shiny in The action replay?

Pokemon Platinum Shiny Pokemon Action Replay Code020736CC 47004800020736D0 02000081E2000080 000000386800480C 1808490A88428801 0C249C0D40614051 40412007430C0424 1C28940DAA0D2100 FA20F07447004800 020736D50000008C 02101140After typing in, Go to your trainer card and hit L+R+A at the same time. Then escape with B. Walk into the Grass while pressing L and encounter a Pokemon.Ta-Da!NeonGreen16

How do you add cheat codes to the action replay DSi?

Put your Action replay in your DS or DSI power it up let it lode when it is done put your game in then hit codes it will say (Pokemon Platinum) what ever game you have at the top it says **ADD new CODE** then you put in the code you are going to play with. I hope this Helps have a great day!!! :)

Is there an action replay code for one-hit-kill in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

Not that I know of, no

How do you enter an action replay code on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

All you have to do is click on the * button on the touch screen with your action replay in and hooked up. then scroll doen to Pokemon diamond/pearl and type in the code's name then type in the action replay code and then hit accept if the code is real, it will activate when you press the set buttons if not, it wont do anything. if it doesn't do anything then i suggest to delete the code if it doesn't work.

Is there an action replay code for 999 master balls on Pokemon Pearl?

yes. go to and then hit codes and type in Pokemon pearl and the codes should be there