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no it is only on xbox360,playstation3,and i think for wii and pc. sorry, i wish it would have the raygun that would be awesome. if you have any other questions just email me at

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Q: Is there a ray gun in black ops for ds?
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Can you get the ray gun on black ops for DS?

yes anything you can get on xbox or ps3 you can get on wii or ds

Where do you get the ray gun in Call of Duty Black Ops for ds?

No. You can only get it in the console versions

Does toys are us sell black ops for DS?

Srry DS doesn't have black ops kid

Can you use killstreak in Call of Duty Black Ops on the ds?

i belive so! and they have black ops for the ds?

Does Call of Duty Black Ops have online for the ds?

Yes. you can have a wi-fi battle on CoD black ops ds.

Should i get black ops for DS?


Is cod black ops on ds?


How much is black ops for DS?

it is 29 dollars

Is call duty black ops for the ds?

yes there is

Is Call of Duty Black Ops for ds?


Is black ops going to be for ds?

No, sadly call of duty black ops will not be available for the Nintendo ds. Although it will be available on the following platforms. Sony playstion 3 Xbox 360 PC and i was kidding the Nintendo ds

Is black ops for PS3?

It is for PS3, XBOX, WII and DS