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No. And don't go hunting for an Audino. It is less frustrating to just go to the shaking grass whenever you see it.

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Q: Is there a quicker way to get audino to come out of the grass in Pokemon black and white?
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Who is Pokemon 531 in Pokemon black?

Audino is #531 in the National Pokedex. You can find it everywhere in shaking grass on Routes.

How do you train high leveled pokemon in pokemon white?

if u mean black and white then just find audino's in shaking grass

Where can you find audino in Pokemon white?

Audino can be found in rustling patches of grass almost anywhere.

Audino in Pokemon?

You have to find a patch of grass that shakes on its own. Go to that patch of grass, you will find often find Audino or Pansage.

How do you lvl up fast in Pokemon black?

fight tabunne/audino in the moving grass. they give MASSIVE amounts of exp.

How do you train Pokemon faster in Pokemon black 2?

Look for shaking grass in routes and try to encounter Audino. Audino gives a lot of experience when defeated, making it ideal for training. It's even better if you have your Pokemon hold a Lucky Egg, which gives more experience to a Pokemon who is holding it.

How do you train Pokemon in Pokemon black?

There are many ways of doing this. The main one is to go where pokemon appear, like tall grass and caves, and battle wild pokemon. If you want to raise them quicker, then wait until the grass rustles, and there is a high chance of Audino appearing, who gives you much more exp. points. Or you can give them to the old lady in the building on Route 3 and she will raise them for you. Your pokemon will slowly, but surely, level up!

How do you level up fast in pokemon black?

the easiest way (without hacking rare candies) is to beat wild pokemon, specifically audino because they give out more exp. points than regular pokemon. just run back and forth near some grass with high level pokemon and once you encounter a shaking patch of grass, it will most likely be an audino.

What Pokemon are found in moving grass?

Usually Audino are found, but in various places other Pokemon can be found (but rarer than Audino), such as Emolga and Stoutland in Route 10. Emolga's encounter rate is 10%, Stoutland 5%, and Audino 85%.

Can a Pokemon use sweet scent and get a audino to come out in pokemon black and white?

No. Audino can only be found in shaking grass and Sweet Scent does nothing to help. A useful trick that actually works is to run like mad outside grass until a patch starts to shake. Use a repel and get to the grass. Did you use one? Sorry, but if you meet another pokemon along the way, that grass stops shaking. Shaking grass gives you an encounter regardless of anything so don't worry about having to shake of the repels' effect.

Can you catch Pansear is Pokemon Black?

Yes, in Pinwheel and Lostlorn forest. 10% chance if the grass is shaking. you can also catch panpour, pansage, unfezant, whilrlipede, whimsiscott, and audino.

Is audino a legendary in Pokemon black?

No its not, its just rare, you can ONLY find it in shaking patches of grass!