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Yes, but it has a different name its called dsibrew and it is extremely hard to download.

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Q: Is there a homebrew channel for the Nintendo DSi?
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Is there homebrew channel for DSI?

No, as of 5/01/10 there is not. You can still use compatible flashcarts to run homebrew.

How can you download the mii channel on your DSi?

The Mii channel is not available for the Nintendo DSi.

What does the homebrew channel on Wii do?

Launches apps not made by Nintendo

What is the Homebrew Channel on the Wii?

The Homebrew Channel is an unofficial channel used to load homemade applications that people have written. It isn't illegal but Nintendo is no longer held responsible for damages to the wii console.

Does the Nintendo dsi download games?

It downloads games at the Nintendo Dsi shop channel

Does the Nintendo DSi have WI-FI?

Actually, the Nintendo DSI doesn't have Wi-fi . But, it does have a shop channel.

Is the Homebrew channel safe?

It isn't bad for you. but it will brick your Wii if Nintendo finds out you have it.

How do you activate java on Nintendo DSi?

You cant, they were all fakes, but maybe Nintendo will make a Youtube channel from the dsi shop soon.

Does the homebrew channel for Nintendo wii cost money?

You don't need to pay to get the Homebrew channel for Wii. Refer to for Tutorials, guides, and files to get it (Sign-up required to use links).

What is a Nintendo point card?

a Nintendo points card allows you to buy exclusive games off the Nintendo dsi shop channel, or the wii shop channel.

You had homebrew channel 4.2 and you deleted it from your wii because you got bored with it First you deleted homebrew channel then you unistalled divx and your Wii safe from bricking now.?

No, if you uninstalled the Homebrew Channel and BootMii, there is very little that can help you if the Wii bricks due to a "full brick" from an update, etc. except for sending it in to Nintendo. Uninstalling the Homebrew Channel and BootMii will not brick your Wii, however.

How do you get the mii channel downloaded on a DSi?

the only way is to have a nintendo 3ds