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Is this possible? Having completed a downloadable PS1 game on my PS3, I have decided to play the next game in the series. It isn't available as a downloadable game, but I would like to use the start data from game one if I can. (Suikoden series)

I have read that you can connect a PSP to the PS3, can you do this with the PS2?


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Q: Is there a converter that converts ps3 games to ps2 games?
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Can you play ps2 games on the PS3?

No you can not play the PS2 games on the new PS3 and you can not play the PS3 games on the PS2

Why don't ps2 games work on my ps3?

Games para PS2 não funcionam em PS3 mesmo, sua BESTA! because ps2 games are only for ps2 ps3 games are only for ps3 system ps2 games are for ps2 system

Can PS2 play with PS3 games?

No.But PS3 can play PS2 games and PS2 can play PS1 games.

Can the 80gb PS3 play ps2 games?

PS3 can play PS2 games.

Can you play PS3 games in the PS2?

The PS2 can never play PS3 games

Which PS3 can you play ps2 games on?

every ps3 you can play ps2 games on

Does the USB PS2 to PS3 Controller Converter Adapter Cable come in white?

Yes, the USB PS2 to PS3 Controller Converter Adapter Cable can be purchased in white.

Do PS3 games are good on ps2 system?

No of course not PS3 games are for the PS3 system and do not play on the PS2

Playing PS2 backups on PS3?

It is possible to play PS2 games on a PS3 game system. You cannot play PS3 games on a PS2.

Can PS3 activate PS2 games?

PS3 does not have the ability to play (activate) PS2 games.

Can the PS3 play all PS2 games?

No PS3 can Play all PS2 games

How can you hook up a ps2 controller to the ps3 with out an adapter?

No it is not possible to hook up a PS2 controller to a PS3 without an converter. The PS3 was never designed to use PS2 controllers, and even with a converter the controller will not feature all of the functions of the PS3 controller. It may be possible to rig a PS2 controller to work without a bulky converter, but you would have to build it yourself.