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No sorry there is no code maybe your PC glitched Sims

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Q: Is there a code to un freeze a sim on The Sims 3?
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Can somebody give mee an un-used registration code for The Sims 2?


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Can someone give you an un used registration code for sims 2?


09972221244 un block this no?

dear sirim using airtel mistake i block my sim..i need help..its showing me pukcode how i can get this no is 09972221244..plz mail me to

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Do you have to un-install Sims 2 and its expansion packs to install Sims 3?

No you do not.:)

Why is there just a simple cheat to un-censor the blurr from sims 2 but not sims 3?

its provably because Sims 2 is a lot more older then Sims 3

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Try Un installing some The Sims 2 Games if you have any, or Get some RAM

How do you un-install The Sims 3?

Control Panel- There is a tool there, cant miss it (this is for windows only)

In the sims 3 can you turn aging off?

#1: Go to Options. #2: Un-check the Enable Aging button. Or if you just wanna make their lives last longer, you can just slide up the Sim Lifespan Bar to Epic. That way they'll live for 960 days.